Arianna’s Treasure Chest Of Referral Codes (AKA Free Stuff In NYC)

When I have 47.3 billion dollars in my bank account, I will still use coupons.

When I add up all of the “free stuff” I have received in my life time, it easily amounts to over $50,000.

From free international trips with credit cards miles, to free dinners using promo codes, today it is easier than ever before to save money.

Living in New York City can pose a burden with soaring rent costs and ridiculous taxes; the struggle is real. This is why I have compiled all of the best coupon codes I have encountered to alleviate your stress and make your bank account sigh with relief.

*Most of these codes work in any major city, not only NYC.



After a night out in the city, it is hard to not be tempted with the comfort of a cab. Depending on where you live, this could easily set you back $30. For your next escapade choose Uber to get you home safe.

Sign up with Uber here for $30 off your first ride. What’s more stylish than a free ride? A sleek black car picking you up within minutes.

Used up your Uber credit? Not to worry, here are some other great taxi options with free credit.

Whisk : Use coupon code ARIANNA3E9 for $10 off.

GETT: Use coupon code GTJFUSG for $20 off.



You may have heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free dinner.” This is a lie. With Seamless and Postmates there is.

Download the following for on-demand dinners free of charge with your first order.

Seamless  Click the link for $10 off your first order.

Postmates Click the link for $10 off your first order.


iHerb From pantry staples like honey to vitamin C, this is where I order a variety of grocery items. This website is inexpensive when compared with NYC bodegas and they deliver free with 2-3 days. iHerb offers customers $10 off their first purchase.

Fresh Direct I experienced the magic of FreshDirect while on crutches, unable to venture out to get groceries. On your first two orders, Fresh Direct gives customer $50 off a purchase of $125. Do you know how much free French cheese you can buy with $50?!

Gilt City Similar to sites like LivingSocial & Groupon, GiltCity offer a variety of luxury experiences for 50 percent off. I have used Gilt for anything from haircuts to delicious discounted dinners. Use the link for 25% off your first purchase.

Let me know if these codes worked for you and feel free to share your own links below. I’ll be updating this post periodically so check back for more offers.

The Lies Marketers Tell

At age 6, marketers told me that Frosted Flakes were more than good. They proclaimed “They’re great!”

At age 10, marketers told me that I could “have it my way” at Burger King sweetening the deal with a fun toy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.52.03 AM

At age 20, marketers told me that SlimFast was a healthy breakfast, vying for the market share of my broke student budget.

Many of these claims were taken as fact by uninformed Americans. Today, a shift in technology has given the unknowing consumer the tools to learn more about their purchases. We have been deceived.

  • Frosted Flakes failed to tell us that their cereal was loaded with sugar and packed with artificial flavorings.
  • Burger King failed to tell us that their cheap ingredients were a recipe for diabetes and heart disease.
  • Slim Fast failed to warn us about the dangers of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup.

The American food supply is filled with corruption, lies, and deceptive advertising.

Advertisers have the ability to influence, persuade and change the world. Why are so many using their powers for evil?

4 Ways To Survive The Stress Of Big City Life

Songs are often written about the magic of New York. The bright lights, the opportunities, the brilliance. Around the globe, millions equate New York City with possibility. What many of these songs fail to mention is the stressful lifestyle many New Yorkers endure on a daily basis.

Stressful jobs, sardine-esq metro rides, and sleep deprivation are also synonymous with the city of dreams. The high demands of working and living in New York can slowly eat away at your health and sanity.

After stress eating m&m’s and skimping on sleep, I hit total burnout. Getting out of bed without a 20oz Americano was impossible. I was getting sick more often. I was tired all the time and run down from failing to give my body the care it deserved. Two months ago, I made a complete turn around in my lifestyle choices resulting in better health and happiness.

Catch More Zzzz’s


The city may never sleep, but you should.

I pride myself in having the sleeping schedule of an 80 year old. Falling asleep well before midnight ensures I’ll be able to get an early start to the day and still get a full 7-8 hours of snooze time. From catching up on emails to hitting the gym, getting up early is my key to productivity.

Eating Right

Healthy Food

Want to come over for dinner?

As they say “abs are made in the kitchen”. Not only are abs made here, but so is state of your health. If you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap. My favorite part of the day is cooking. Cooking at home not only stretches a budget much further but also allows you to omit all preservatives from your diet. The more I’ve learned about health over the last few years, the angrier I become at the state of the food supply in The United States. So many of the items we consume on a daily basis are filled with toxic ingredients and artificial preservatives. While fad diets cloud the media, it is debatable what eating regime is optimal. Whether it’s a vegan, paleo, or candida diet one thing is consistent: eating food in its natural unaltered state and reading ingredient labs is of utmost importance.

Ditch The Sugar

Black Coffee

Unsweetened black coffee = heaven.

A few weeks ago, I cut out all sugar from my diet for two weeks keeping my daily intake at less than 3 grams. Initially, this was tough but throughout the process lost my sweet tooth. I no longer have a hankering for sugar on a daily basis and am able to keep my sugar intake to a minimum. Sugar poses a myriad of concerns for those who choose to overindulge. 


Yoga NYC


High-strung, it’s often difficult succumb to relaxation. A go-go-go mentality keeps me constantly moving. I have two speeds: on or sick. Sadly, this is the wrong approach as daily relaxation is necessary to keep cortisol levels at bay. High stress leads to an array of illnesses. Two things I have found helpful in reducing stress is guided meditation and yoga classes. At yoga, the world along with its concerns melt away as classes are centered around self-love and philanthropy.

How do you stay sane while living in a big city?

Avoiding Death With An Internet Doctor

I woke up last Friday in a panic. My throat was badly swollen and a fever was near. Disheartened by the imminent $300+ bill I would incur for a doctors visit and antibiotics, I knew it was time for my alternative doctor: Google.

Strep Throat…

Convinced I would soon be shopping for a cemetery plot, I loaded up on vitamins and tried every natural remedy I could find. From gargling with lemon and salt to putting an activated charcoal mask around my neck nothing seemed to be working.

Sunday, I awoke with puffy chipmunk cheeks and a swollen gland the size of Texas. A doctor’s visit was now unavoidable. Since my misery coincided with Sunday, national doctor’s office closure day – I began researching other options and came across

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.56.49 AM

MeMD helps you get better faster, no matter where you are or what time of day. Access MeMD from wherever you are – home, work or even on vacation! Get an accurate diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan and get better quickly.

For only $49.95!

The cheapskate in me began to search for a coupon code. Groupon to the rescue! $34 for two “doctor visits”. I clicked purchased keeping my expectations low and my head held high.Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.34.38 AMWithin minutes, I was sitting in an “online waiting room” with an estimated 15 minute wait. After a pleasurable 15 minutes of singing along to Enrique, my doctor notified me that he was ready. I turned on my webcam and dialed into the conference.”What symptoms are you experiencing?”

“Do you have a fever?”

The doctor continued with a list of questions more thorough than my actual doctor.

My WebMd research had been confirmed: I was dying.

Just kidding. The doctor believed I had tonsillitis and prescribed an antibiotic. Happy that my days on earth weren’t limited, I skipped over to CVS Pharmacy and within an hour had my prescription. After two days of taking the antibiotic, I am 95% better and can only expect to be 100% in a matter of days.

Going to a virtual doctor cannot replace your normal doctor, but can certainly help mitigate expenses and save time for minor health concerns. My experience was very positive with the service and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others who are having problems with their ObamaCare health insurance, which is a tale in and of itself.

Have you ever tried a virtual doctor? Would you consider it in the future?

Surviving NYC On Crutches: A Tale Of Taxis & Delivery Service

A few summers ago, I backpacked Europe alone. Last summer, I ran a half marathon. Most days, I’m an individual who prides herself in her independence and the ability to conquer any challenge. This month, going more than a few steps has become a feat in itself.

Two weeks ago, I was in bed with the flu. I had just finished watching Mad Men and was content to snooze off into a NyQuil and Don Draper induced haze.

Don & NyQuil – The best sleep you’ve ever had with a cold.


My last thought before dozing off was: “I should take some vitamin C and zinc before going to bed.” I quickly jumped out of bed, shattered the cup I had just used to take NyQuil, and proceeded to lacerate my tendon on the broken glass.

My apartment looked like a murder scene.

Howling in pain, I ventured to the ER. The doctor informed me that surgery would be necessary and I would be put on crutches for over a month. I started laughing. The outcome was clearly not funny, but my defense mechanism for pain has always been laughter. Flashback to the time I fell down a flight of stairs and sat at the bottom laughing uncontrollably.

Chillin’ in the ER


After three morphine filled days in the hospital, I was given a shiny pair of crutches and was then discharged to hobble off into the sunset. After a week of excruciating pain, I finally ventured out of my apartment. Hobble. Hobble. Hobble. I made it one block and promptly returned to my apartment collapsing on the sofa. This was not going to be easy.

The next day, I went two blocks.
The following I went four.
By the end of the week, I could travel a mile.
Next challenge: Taking the subway to work.

Though the last few weeks have been difficult, so many people have helped make this experience a bit more bearable. From strangers opening doors, to friends helping me take out the trash, this experience has truly been humbling and I can’t stress enough my appreciation for all of the kindness displayed. To everyone who helped me – you will never know the extent of my gratitude.

When I first got my crutches I promptly Googled “Getting Around On Crutches In NYC.” I was disappointed by the search results. To remedy this, here are my tips that will hopefully help someone else in a similar position.

A black cast is the perfect accessory for a night on the town.


Delivery Is Your New Best Friend

Today, there are so many delivery services that can bring anything right to your door. From smoothies to grocery delivery, I have been able to order anything my heart desired. Two websites that made this possible were Seamless and FreshDirect.

Seamless: Order takeout from any restaurant. Bonus: Free $7 on your first order.

FreshDirect: Grocery delivery right to your doorstep. Bonus: $100 off your first two orders.

Find Out Which Subways Are Handicap Friendly

The NYC MTA website lists the subway stations that are handicap accessible. You can view this information here. 

Taxis Are A Godsend

In the rain, you’ll need a taxi. In New York, rain makes it near impossible to hail a cab in a timely manner. Drenched after a downpour, I quickly learned this. For this reason, download an application like Uber to request a cab. This way, you can sit indoors until a taxi arrives. Bonus: $10 off your first ride.

Though difficult, navigating NYC on crutches is possible! In the same boat? Connect with me on Twitter for more tips – would love to chat.

How To Move To New York City Without Losing Your Sanity

Whenever I try to summarize life in the big city I think of lyrics from Evita, my first broadway experience.

How To Move To New York City

Eva beware of the city.
It’s hungry and cold, can’t be controlled, it is mad.
Those who are fools are swallowed up whole…

New York City is unlike anywhere I have encountered in my travels. One could easily be “swallowed up whole” just trying to cross the street.

That said, New York is magical. The hustle and bustle of the city makes you feel as if anything is possible. Constant energy radiates throughout the city and opportunity lies around every corner.

Though I have only been in the city a month, I have learned three valuable lessons about establishing oneself in a new location.

Connections Are Key

Coming to New York City, I knew very few people. (Okay fine, I’ll admit it – I was essentially friendless.) Making an entire group new group of friends is not an easy feat. Prior to leaving Seattle, I reached out to friends and colleagues asking if they could connect me to their connections. Already, this has resulted in a dozen coffee meetings and valuable insight on the city. (Thanks everyone – you’re the best!)

Budget Accordingly

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.48.35 AM
Rent in New York is extremely high. Finding an apartment can prove to be a painstaking difficult task. Moving to the city I had a few options:

  • Live in Brooklyn, Queens, or New Jersey to save money on rent and have a longer commute. This option would allow me to be able to live in a nicer apartment and have more disposable income.
  • Live in Manhattan, spend more money on rent, and save time on a commute. This option would allow me to live in a more convenient location, but would give me far less disposable income.

I ultimately decided to move to Manhattan. When I took everything into account, I was able to find an apartment share that was all inclusive. Gym. Laundry. Dishwasher. Prime Location. Over the course of a year, I decided that this would ultimately save me thousands of dollars on a a gym membership, going to the laundry mat, transportation passes and most importantly, my time. Something that I have always believed in, is that more money can always be made, you can never get more time.

Something to be aware of is that in New York, the real estate market looks far different than the rest of the country. Most places require broker fees, first and last months rent, and a deposit. To be safe, I would encourage saving a few months rent prior to making a move to the big city. That said, I was able to find a place without broker fees by utilizing Craigslist to find an great apartment and roommate.

Ask For What You Need
If you ask questions, you will find answers. Mind reading is a skill that many people have not mastered. From jobs to apartments, simply asking your connections “Do you know of anyone that could help me?” can be your golden ticket. In turn, asking your connections what they are looking for can help them reach their own goals.

Thank you to everyone has aided in making this transition as seamless as possible. Moving to a new place can feel intimidating at times, but I am fortunate to have a network of supportive friends and colleagues who have helped me in the process.

In the city in the coming months? I would love to get together.

Let’s connect on Twitter!


I’m Moving To New York!

Next Saturday I’m moving to New York.

Over the last few years, I’ve been living a fairly nomadic lifestyle, figuring out exactly where I want to live for the next few years. I’ve never purchased furniture. I can fit all my belongings in a few suitcases. And I’ve thrown a few things in my mother’s garage. (Thanks Mom!) While I have been on the search for a home, I have been fortunate to have a great job with the folks at Social3i allowing me to test out a few different locations.

Why New York?

Everyone keeps asking me this. I’m not exactly sure. Last year, I visited the city for the first time and immediately thought “This is where I belong.” The fast pace of life. The constant noise. The brilliance. The lights. The movement.

We’ll see how it goes!

*Cue Jay-Z song or Evita song.* I can’t decide which.

So What’s Next?

Making friends

I have very few friends in New York. So let’s test the power of social media here…. I would love it if you could connect me with any cool people you may know in the big city. Email intros to ariannaodell (at) or tweets to @arianna are awesome. If you could help me out here I will forever be indebted to you!

Apartment searching

I have already heard the horror stories about looking for a place in New York. Fortunately, with sites like AirBnB I can buy myself a little time by renting month to month until I find a lease. Do you know anyone leasing something?

Though this last week is crazy, I would love to see as many Seattle friends as I can. Let’s make plans?

See you soon New York! Seattle, you’ll always have a piece of my heart.

Street Fair Marketing Fails – Marketing As A Small Business

Every time I walk through a street fair, I can’t help but think to myself:

“This was someone’s dream.”

Every canopy is a someone’s vision and passion. Whether the vendor is a local bread maker or an oil canvas painter, each stand is a work of art and an entrepreneurial dream. A street fair is not just a fun day out for consumers, but also a great source of revenue and distribution channel for a business.

Street fairs showcase small business at their finest. The first business I ever started was called O’Decadent (Arianna O’Dell, O’Decadent – get it?), a baking company that sold baked goods at farmers markets across Whidbey Island, Washington. This experience not only gave me first hand experience on the logistics of running a business but also gave me a crash course in Marketing 101.

This past weekend, the University District hosted their annual street fair. University Way filled with thousands of attendees and hundreds of vendors. From honey to garden art, the market brought together some of Seattle’s finest food and craft vendors.Walking through the street fair on Saturday, I kept screaming to myself: “WHY ARE ALL OF THESE BUSINESSES SO BAD AT MARKETING?!”

It saddened me to think that with a few simple changes, many of the vendors could have increased their sales tenfold. Though a small business can be limited in terms of a marketing budget, there are many simple ways a business can easily improve their presence and efforts during a market.

Give Out Samples Like There Is No Tomorrow

If you sell a food product, you need samples. Chance are your company is a brand that no one has ever heard of. Building trust and brand loyalty is hard. Until you build your customer base, you need to convince people your product is worth trying. Samples are a great way to start a conversation and establish initial trust. Selling handmade lotion? Have a bottle out on the table as a tester. Selling salsa? Why not put out some chips and crack open a bottle*. (*Prior to doing this, be sure to check with local laws to ensure that sampling is being done in a sanitary and legal manner.)

Smile, Smile Again, Then Smile Even More

This one should be a given, but it was amazing how many vendors sat in their booth with a scowl on their face. First impressions are everything. If the vendor appears to be unenthralled about their own product, how can they expect you to be? Personal selling is an art that one must learn in order to survive the harsh streets of a fair or market. This trait does not come easy to some, but can be learned over time through patience and practice.

Lower Your Barrier to Entry

The most successful stands at a street fair are the ones that have an inviting setup.  Some vendors unintentionally setup their booth to deter customers. Like this setup here:

For many, walking into an enclosed setting can be intimidating. This setup makes it difficult to see items from the street and discourages patrons for fear of being trapped in a sales pitch within the tent. First impressions are everything. Having an inviting space where customer feel conformable can make all the difference.

Let Customers Know Who You Are

Every week I go to the weekly farmer’s market. The sad part is, I usually walk away not knowing the name of many of the vendors. I find myself telling people “The bread from this one stand is AMAZING” unable to recall the name. Branding is so important for a small business, but so many fail to have a logo, branded packaging or at the very least a sign with the name of the company.

Capture Email and Demographic Information

Another mistake in street fair marketing is that most businesses fail to gain any insight about their customers. The vendor may remember their customer when (and if) they see them again, but most transactions are done without learning anything about the market. This is a mistake I made early on in my own endeavors. From simply asking questions about your customers to an email sign up sheet, there are many ways to gain insight on your market and capture customer data.

Listen To Your Customers

When I started note taking during the market, I learned more about my customers and what they wanted. Some were looking for lower sugar items, some wanted different flavors. Based on customer feedback, I was able to cater my offerings to a mix of items that would sell out weekly. There are so many stands this weekend that were selling things that no one would ever want. Ever. Not even for free.

Stand Out Even If It Means Putting On A Cat Suit

Between the massive number of booths and the thousands of people who showed up for the event, the constant commotion at the fair made it easy to simply walk by a booth without giving it a second thought. What do businesses need to do the combat this? Have something compelling at the booth. Selling dog clothes? Bring a model pooch that customers can take photos with. Selling Snow Cones? Purchase a huge inflatable snow man to draw attention to your booth. At a street fair, you are competing with noise, crowds, and hundreds of other vendors. Standing out is non-negotiable for success.

Bring Digital Media Into The Mix

Sadly, throughout the whole market I did not see any brands encouraging their customers to connect with them digitally. From Facebook to Pinterest, there are a variety of ways consumer products can connect with their customers post event. In a market place like a street fair, a simple flier could even be used to encourage customers to connect. Looking for a low cost way to tell your customers about your Facebook page? Purchase a stamp with logo and social media handle to put onto packaging and brown paper sacks. At the very least, have a business card available so customers know the name of your company and can find your website.

Make Friends With The Market Manager

Location, location, location. While many markets have a pre-determined layout, the market manager can sometimes make an exception. Being placed in a corner or too close to the end can ultimately make or break your day. Have an extra cookie or loaf of bread left over at the end of the day? Give it to the market manager.

Are you a business that needs some marketing help? Always happy to chat over coffee or pastries.

And on Twitter!