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How To Quit Your Life & Start A Business

Last month, I packed my bags for Europe and took a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship and digital nomadic lifestyle. Though I absolutely loved my life and friends in New York City, I had been bitten by the travel and business bug and was itching for a change of scenery.

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When your mother graciously lets you forward your mail. 😉

This month, I’ve spent time in Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, and San Sebastian, Spain all with my trusty Macbook Air to work remotely. Next month, I’ll be in Rome, Budapest, and Tenerife, and what’s amazing is this is all a fraction of the cost of my rent in NYC.

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Since leaving, my inbox has been flooded with “I want to start something too – how can I do this?”

Here’s how:

Stop Planning For The Long Term

In life, I’ve learned the hard way that we’re not promised tomorrow. We’re not even promised the next hour. Life is too short to not liveout your dreams. Quitting everything to pursue your dreams is scary – but not ever pursing your dreams is far scarier.

Hate your job? Quit.
Hate where you live? Move
Want to start a business? Today is the perfect day.

Embrace Failure
Last week, I was looking at the domain names I had purchased in the past. One of them was “” back in 2009. I reminisced about trying to build a site where you could order a pizza for your boyfriend and it would be delivered to him. I had bought the name, setup a website, and was ready to build a pizza empire. Looking back, this was a bit of an idiotic idea because you could just go to Dominos and type in your boyfriend’s name when you went to purchase.
Though this was a huge flop, I learned from the experience how to setup hosting, how to purchase a domain name, and how to install a content management system. Now, I get paid to build websites – and I wouldn’t have learned this skill without a bad idea.
For every good idea I have, I usually have 99 bad ones first. (I’m not even going to tell you about the time I setup a website to have brands sponsor my someday funeral) The accumulation of years of bad ideas has allowed me to become the marketer I am today.  When you fail, you learn what doesn’t work – and are then on a better path to find what will. Take a leap of faith on an idea and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be smarter than when you started.
Don’t Go It Alone
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Though social media looks like constant sunshine and rainbows, start-ups and constant ambiguity can prove stressful and lonely at times. Having a circle of support to rely on when things get tough is highly recommended. Whether you’re low on revenue, or just having a bad day – knowing who to call to get you out of an entrepreneurial funk is crucial.

Stop Worrying About Money

No matter how much money I’ve had in my bank account during my life, it never equates to more happiness. Right now, I’m happy to being able to work with world-class clients on initiatives where my creative wheels are constantly spinning. I wake up feeling a sense of elation because I’m excited about the work that I’m doing. This in turn equates to higher quality and more innovative work. Though a cliche saying, if you follow your passion, the money will come.

So – what are you going to start?

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